Marketing the best potatoes

We work closely with selected growers that meet our specification to enable us to market the best potatoes to our customers. Our growers meet high standards through the use of professionalism, technology and best environmental practices in a drive to produce the best quality year in, year out in an ever-changing marketplace.

Freshness is the key to the best tasting potatoes!

From early morning starts in the summer, where are growers are out harvesting before sunrise to get produce back to the factory so it can be packed and sent out that day to getting crop into coldstores to lock the quality in before the end of autumn arrives to use during the winter months.

Potatoes by numbers






Product groups



What’s in a 1 tonne potato box?

  • 5000 tubers
  • 400 packs
  • 800 meals
  • 120kg wood reused for up to 20 years

Our products

It all starts with getting the correct varieties for the uses. Working together with both UK and European seed houses, independent growing trials are to select potatoes that hit certain criteria. Those that then hit all the points and rise to the top are then carried forward for use. This process can take many years to fine the best in class for our customers need.


Our varieties include Marfona, Melody, Orchestra, Lanorma, Tyson, Spectra, Nectar, Estima, Sensation, Saxon, Vanilla and Caledonian Gold


Our varieties include Desiree, Camel, Mozart, King Edward, Santiago and Maris Piper


Our varieties include Maris Peer, Paris, Jacky and Nicola


Our varieties include Annabelle, Gwenne, Talentine, Jazzy and La Ratte