About Us


High quality potatoes and vegetables are our business and our passion…

The “Manor Fresh” name has been around since 2006, but we have a fresh produce history dating back well over 30 years. We work closely with our customers and partner producers to deliver industry-leading quality, service levels and award-winning products and initiatives, underpinned by flexibility and resilience.

Innovation is not just about new product development: it’s packaging, new sustainability approaches, operational investments and partnerships that keep us ahead of the pack. Ultimately it’s our customer’s customer, the shopper who picks up our produce and needs to be delighted with their purchase every time.

We’re based in the heart of the Lincolnshire fens, where 1/8th of the UK’s food is produced.

More than just potatoes. Bigger than Holbeach Hurn.

Nearly half of our sales come from vegetables, and many of these are grown and packed around the UK (and sometimes overseas to supply all year-round quality).

We have over 400 partners growing potatoes, brassicas, legumes, pumpkins and squashes on our behalf. We visit growers, fields and individual crops to ensure quality is maintained to the highest standards.

Vision & Mission

Our History

Manor Fresh Limited was formed in 2006 having consolidated from previous entities, as a joint venture between 3 owners, two of which remain our 50:50 joint owners today: Fresca Group and A.H. Worth.

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Vision & Mission

To continue our growth and partnership as our key customer’s leading Produce Partner; through passionate people, laser-focused on delivering Quality, Service and Delight for the consumer. Winning in Potatoes, Wowing with our Veg, and Sustainable in every sense.

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Accreditations & Standards

We have all of the usual certificates and compliance standards expected from a leading Produce business and more, holding ourselves and our partners to higher levels of growing crops and looking after people, our most important asset.

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Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team has 119 years of Manor Fresh employment history between them. We have a blend of pure potato expertise with long-serving colleagues who have progressed from the shop floor to leadership roles, and other food and broader industry experience to compliment the business.

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