Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission

Our vision is simple: to be the number one Produce Partner for our primary customer, through our passionate people, laser-focused on their consumer needs of Quality, Service and Delight.

We exist to sustain the consumer, customer, colleagues and long-term success of Manor Fresh, making Safety, Health and Wellbeing our number one priority at all times. We recognise that our greatest asset is our people, without whom we would be nothing.

Quality, Service and Delight

Our experienced and skilled team supply the best quality potatoes and vegetables from our Lincolnshire home in the heart of Produce country, and from our partners around the UK and beyond.

We win in potatoes through our USPs: delivering the best quality in the market from our dedicated potato facility, and our unique partnerships with our fantastic colleagues, growers and customers.

We source a plethora of vegetables from partner producers, each of whom are chosen to deliver fantastic quality, variety, innovation, service and understanding of our unique requirements.

We’re passionate produce people. We are onemanorfresh.

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